Binding Islamic Unity

Islam is built on a sense of unity and brotherhood, which makes Islam stand firm and upright. Islam teaches adab and morals. This is what makes Islam so loved, and Islam teaches love and affection. This is what makes Islam loved because Islam is a religion that teaches love and loves each other. Islam is not a religion that teaches about terrorism and radicalism, but Islam teaches muamalah and humanism. If you hate Islam then don’t make fun of Islam but approach Islam believing you will fall in love with Islam. Islam does not teach terrorism but individuals who hate Islam. The Muslim taught to Unite very deeply. Even in the Qur’an, we are taught to love and love because Allah loves us. The Muslim teaches compassion as a shabe e barat wishes, both to animals or plants. Be Muslims who create unity so that people who hate Islam fall in love with Islam.

Visit My Mosque is an annual event that has been held since 2015 around February. For this year, the hashtag has been scattered. The Visit My Mosque will be held on February 5. Maybe the situation is right. This program is expected to ease the heat of the world situation with the rise of ‘Islamophobia’. Dozens of mosques will open doors wide to be visited by guests from the United Kingdom, namely: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. A large-scale meeting between religious people was held. At this moment you are free to ask and find out how the real Muslim is. In this event, visitors who come will be welcomed with a variety of cakes, tea, and hospitality. Uniquely, this event is not only visited by fellow Muslims but also people of different religions or who have no religion. Atheists, agnostics, or adherents of any school, may come and see Muslim life that has never been recorded on European television. Visitors are given the opportunity to meet each other directly and ask about something to dismiss the wrong conception so far.

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