Is Condo One Of the Apartment Types?

When will you go to choose the Antares ? Even though the condo is interesting and then become your choice, it would be better to also know the various types of apartment.

Yes, condo like the Antares is gaining the popularity so that is why you can easily find the condo development, especially in urban areas. The construction of apartments lately is increasingly widespread, especially in urban areas. This illustrates the high interest of the community in choosing vertical housing, both used as a means of investing or living. If you are interested in choosing vertical housing, it is better to first identify the types of apartments based on ownership status such as the following.

1. Condos

Condos are apartments that provide units to be purchased individually and in groups. The buyer of the unit will be given a unit/strata certificate after paying the payment as proof of legal ownership. Therefore many people call condominiums as strata apartments. But before deciding to buy a unit, first, make sure the reputation of the developer and location of the apartment so as not to be disappointed later on. Include the Antares to your list then you will know why the unit of that condo development must be yours.

2. Hotel Condo

This condo type is a mix of condominiums and hotels. The buyer of the apartment unit will then hand over his unique property to the apartment to manage it again like a hotel. This means that the buyer will get a portion of the rental income from his apartment. If the unit owner wants to stay in the unit he bought, it is still permitted, but the time is limited to only 20-30 days per year. Generally, this condotel is built in tourist attractions.

3. Rent Apartments

Developers offer apartment units for rent not bought. Lease period of at least 6-12 months. Interestingly, tenants in addition to getting a room, also get tools and household furniture in it. In fact, there are often housekeeping facilities to clean apartment units.

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