How To Sleep Soundly When The Weather Is Hot Even Without An AC

There are many things that can make it difficult for us to sleep, one of which is due to hot weather. As a result, we will experience sleep deprivation, which makes us feel sleepy while on the move during the day. That, of course, can disrupt our work activities, right? Aside from that, you may also need to call the trusted air conditioning repair singapore whenever your AC is broken, especially during the hot summer days.

Usually, the heat and heat can be overcome by using an air conditioner in the form of air conditioning or a fan. However, what if you don’t have both of these cooling devices? Take it easy, you don’t need to worry. Because, there are several ways you can do it to sleep soundly even though the weather feels hot and hot, including:

1. Use Cotton or Silk Bed Sheets

Basically, bed linen is used to protect the mattress from dirt. The use of bed linen on the mattress will definitely stick directly to your body so that it can determine sleep comfort. However, you must pay attention to the ingredients used in the bed sheet. Choose bed linen made from cotton or silk because it has properties that can cool the body, even though the weather is hot though.

2. Use Loose Nightgowns

Before going to bed, wear a nightgown that is loose and cool, just like the bed linen you use. It can also help you avoid feeling hot and hot which can make your sleep disturbed.

3. Cold Water Bath

There is nothing wrong if you take a shower before going to bed if the weather is hot and makes you feel hot. You can take a shower with cold water. Cold water can help lower your body temperature. This way, you will feel cooler so you can sleep comfortably.

4. Drink Water Before Sleeping

It cannot be denied if water is very beneficial for the health of the body. Water can also overcome the problem of difficulty sleeping due to hot weather. Try to drink one glass of water before going to bed. The benefits of this water are the same as the benefits of bathing before bed, which is able to cool your body temperature.