These Are Two Dangers That Lurk When Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cleaned

The use of the air conditioner is always done by everyone. Many people even use more than one air conditioner in their homes. This is because the weather is getting hotter and requires them to use the tool. An air conditioner that is used at home will indeed make the home atmosphere better and cleaner. However, if the air conditioner is dirty, the air will also become dirtier. Services from aircon repair singapore will help you clean the air conditioner that you have aircon repair singapore.

For this reason, air conditioners must always be cleaned regularly. There are several dangers that can lurk you if the air conditioner in the house is not cleaned regularly.

1. The air conditioner is more often damaged
Air conditioner filters not only protect the health of you and family members at home but also in the overall air conditioner unit. The air conditioner filter that is too dirty will interfere with the flow of air in your air conditioner unit. The danger of this air conditioner will affect the damage to the air conditioner which means you have to spend a lot of repair costs or even have to replace the new air conditioner even though it hasn’t reached the maximum usage age.

2. Health Worsens
The air conditioner filter is designed to capture various germs or dust in the air. When you don’t clean the air conditioner filter, then what is available is that the germs and dust attached to the filter will return to the air and maybe accidentally inhaled by you. This is what causes you become to get sick or get the flu. So, make sure that the air conditioner filter that you have at home is always clean so there are no germs and dust in it.
If you accidentally breathe germs and dust, some respiratory diseases will arise.