Be A Good Listener With Famous Speeches You Know

Many people don’t care how important we are to listen carefully when we are talking to the other person with friends, older people or people we respect, including people who are younger than us. Although it may seem trivial, listening while speaking can provide goodness and benefits especially so that the person or person we speak to can feel our empathy and we can understand what others say click here . Do you focus on famous speeches when you want to be able to be good listener?

You must be able to distinguish between “listening” and “listening”. Because both are very different even though at a glance it’s almost the same. A hearing is a term in which humans capture sounds, then pass on to the brain. This activity is carried out without intentions. It’s different from listening, which is where humans try to get information from what they hear intentionally.

Well, if you are able to become a person who has empathy by listening to someone when they need to be heard, you can say you have met the criteria as a good listener. On many occasions, you should try to be a good listener so you can feel and understand the problems that exist and so that you will also be heard by others. Not only in the family environment, but you also need to be a good listener in various aspects of life such as the community and work environment. Of course, there is a process that must be passed if you want to be a good listener. Reduce the intensity of speaking. Speak a little, and multiple listening. It must also be accompanied by having a humble attitude, concentrating more and having an objective attitude.

Although it looks simple, many people fail to be good listeners. The problem is actually in themselves. For example, because it has an ego that does not want to be defeated. Many people prefer to be heard with a lot of talk than listening to the other person. In fact, being a good listener will provide many good and benefits for yourself and others. For example, being a wiser person can better understand what others say, like and so on.