This Is The Right Way To Take Care Of Ceramics

How do you keep the ceramics in your home maintained and feel new for a long time? You can follow these steps to look after the ceramics, whether it’s sticking to the wall or on the floor. Meanwhile, consider hiringĀ that site if you wish to get some help from the professionals.

The ceramic floor must be diligent enough to be wiped and swept when dirty. Especially to avoid grains of sand that can cause scratches on the surface.

Then simply mop it with clean water or soapy water.

Avoid using floor cleaners that contain acidic content, such as sulfuric acid and HCL, quite high. The problem can cause the ceramic glazing layer to be damaged, so it quickly looks dull. Be careful with ceramic cleaning fluids sold in the market, which often contain relatively high acid content.

Be careful with the use of ceramic cleansers containing fragrances. Because it usually causes the floor to feel sticky after dispel.

Some types of ceramics, there are indeed those that have been designed to be more resistant to harsh chemicals, namely the ceramic or homogeneous tile. Therefore this type of tile is suitable for installation in areas with heavy traffic.

To remove stubborn stains or dirt using high levels of chemical solutions. Only that needs to be considered, do not wet or wipe the entire surface of the ceramic.

For the bathroom floor ceramics, just brush it. But don’t use brush bristles that are too rough or hard, because once again you can scratch the ceramic layer and grout.

Mix 30 ml of liquid soap and 125 ml of vinegar in 8 liters of warm water. In order for soap to become active, mix it before using it to clean the floor.

For linoleum without wax, use a mixture of 30 ml of liquid soap and 8 liters of warm water (without vinegar). To remove wax on the floor, mix soda washing and water until it is creamy and use it to cover the floor and let it dry. Rub with a rough brush or sponge. Don’t forget to use gloves. Rinse or mop with 60 ml of vinegar mixed in water.

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