How To Install A Sliding Cabinet Door

Sliding cupboard door, also known as a bypass door, which leaves one door behind the other door leaf, so as to minimize the use of the room. Follow the steps below to install sliding cabinet doors in each room of your home. You can also get help from cheap handyman singapore handyman service in singapore.

Prepare a door to install. If it’s not finished, you should paint or color the door before installing it. Measure the hole where you put your closet door. Determine the horizontal and vertical size, as well as the width and height of each old cupboard door. If necessary, release the cabinet door installed. If you have a sliding door in your closet now, lift each leaf door from the bottom lane first. Then, lower the bottom of each door to the floor next to the path. Doing this will pull the door from the upper lane. Set aside the old door leaf. Remove the old lane, remove the hinge or screw using an electric drill with a screwdriver tip. Use putty to patch each hole as needed. Paint each patch of large putty that will not be covered by a new sliding door.

Line up the old lines with new ones to find the right length for the new path. Cut a new line to fit the hole in the cabinet where you put the door using a hacksaw. Install a new line on the upper side of the cupboard using an electric drill. On the previous track, there may be a hole to screw the path to the frame of your cabinet. If not, make a hole with a drill and attach the screws on your door. Make sure the screw goes into the lane so that it doesn’t protrude and interferes with the movement of the door. However, don’t put it too tight because it can break the lane.

Put the leaf door on the top line starting from the back door. At the door, there is a wheel that will go into the upper lane. Let the leaf door hang straight down from the top path. Mark where to install the bottom line. Remove the door leaf from the upper lane. Install the bottom line using marked measurements. Hang the door in the upper lane again, using the same procedure. The bottom of the door will shift if all your measurements are right.