Things You Will Experience During Doing Keto Diet

Various diets lately are not just a way to be healthy or lose weight. Sometimes it also becomes a trend in various certain circles. One of them, the diet that is always done by the gym rat, aka people who like to exercise, including athletes. This diet is often referred to as the Keto Diet or Ketogenic diet. Actually, this is not a new diet and has long been popular among people who like to gym. This can also means that they are familiar with keto cookbooks .

Those who go on this diet, reduce eating foods containing carbohydrates and instead eat foods that are high in fat. This diet, also popularly known as low-carb, can make you eat ‘good’ food to your heart’s content. Almost all good foods you can eat, provided they contain low carbohydrates. This diet also can’t be done carelessly. The problem is you have to understand the name of the ketosis system first; a process that makes the body hungry for glucose. This glucose is used by the body as fuel.

Glucose is usually found in high-calorie foods such as flour, whole grains, vegetables, dairy products, and fruits. Meanwhile, people who do the keto diet, replace it into fatty foods as the main source of glucose. So that the fat in the body will be converted into an energy source. But, what happened during your diet?

When your insulin level decreases, fatty acids will get out of fat tissue in the body. Now, after they are released by the tissue, the fatty acids are then used by the body as energy. So, if you look at the gym rat, they are thinner faster because of using this system. The fat in their body more quickly burns.

Ever diet with vegetables and fruit? You may feel very hungry and want to come very often. But, with this diet, you won’t often feel hungry. The problem is, increased ketone production in the body will suppress appetite in your brain. You might get sick when you just go on this diet. So, don’t be surprised and scared when you have a headache, dizziness or flu. These side effects are often referred to as Keto Flu which will appear during the transition from carbohydrates to fat.