Know the Causes and Symptoms of Fever in Children


Children are often affected by the disease. One of the treatments that children often suffer from is a fever. Fever that occurs in children certainly has a cause. You as a parent must know what causes fever in children and how to overcome them. Besides that, what you should know is a place that can handle fever in your child. One that you can trust is Vitalis Medical Gymea. With proper handling, the child will escape the disease.

There are several causes of fever in children that you should know well. One of them is the result of a germ infection that enters the body. In addition, allergies and the use of certain drugs can also trigger fever. By knowing the various causes of fever in children, it is expected that you can minimize your child’s risk of fever. Small habits such as washing hands with soap can be applied to your child to prevent infection with germs that cause a fever that enters through contaminated hands.

Regardless of the variety of causes of fever in children, you should also know about the body’s reactions that can trigger an increase in temperature. The body part that is in charge of controlling body temperature is located in the brain known as the hypothalamus. When there are germs that enter the body, the body will signal as a foreign object so that the hypothalamus will increase body temperature. The goal is to fight infections that may be caused by the entry of these germs. This increase in body temperature is called a fever.

Another thing that you should also pay attention to is the symptoms that are given when the fever occurs. Symptoms of fever in children are generally in the form of increasing body temperature above 37.8 ° C. These symptoms are usually accompanied by a shivering body, a feeling of pain in certain parts of the body, headaches, reduced appetite, and insomnia. If it occurs in children aged under five, the most visible symptom is that they become more fussy than usual.