Some Old Netflix Series That You May Want To Watch

Orange Is The New Black or commonly abbreviated as OITNB is a comedy-drama web series directed by Jenji Kohan. This Netflix series has been around since 2013, and since last June has entered its fifth season. Not inferior to the Stranger Things, OITNB has even won 46 awards, including the award as Favorite Premium Drama Series from People‚Äôs Choice Award 2017. In the meantime, if you’re currently not living in the USA, you may need to know how to change country on netflix account.

Orange Is The New Black tells the story of Piper Chapman, a middle-aged woman who has been in prison for 15 months due to being caught in a case of carrying money for a friend who was a drug dealer 10 years ago. The series was adapted from Piper Kerman’s experiences while serving a sentence behind bars.

Season 1 itself tells about the beginning of how Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) lived after a crime he committed and dragged him to jail. In prison, Piper started making lots of enemies. In this season also told how Piper tried to deal with all the anxiety he felt.

In addition, not only pampering lovers of mystery films, but Netflix also presents a web series for superhero film enthusiasts, one of which is The Defenders.

The series has just entered its first season which has been enjoyed since last August with a total of eight episodes. In the series The Defenders, you will witness the greatness of five superheroes from Marvel, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Elektra and Luke Cage who unite to fight the villain named The Hand in New York City.

The serial defenders begin with the activities of each superhero who initially decides to stop being an “Alien Investigator” and instead receives jobs from clients. Luke Cage is out of prison, Matt Murdock is still a lawyer, and Danny Rand who continues to hunt The Hand.

In this series, The Hands is said to be a large organization led by billionaires who also have unexpected abilities and even abilities, making it difficult to defeat, even though they are almost dead.