Beautiful and Durable Flowers for Wedding Decorations

Dahlia is one of the flowers that blossom in the summer. Of course, this is a plus, considering wedding receptions (especially outdoor ones) are usually carried out during the dry season. Aside from being a flower bouquet, a series of dahlias can also be used to beautify the guest table. Meanwhile, you might also need to check out the best arreglos florales near your location floristería madrid.

For a festive decoration, just use sunflowers

As the name implies, sunflowers prove to be durable in hot weather. In addition, the decoration of sunflowers makes your wedding look lively and cheerful. If usually a wedding party is dominated by soft colors, there’s nothing wrong with trying to bring sunflowers.

Beautiful and elegant lilies

Lilies are known to thrive in humid tropics. Therefore, it is very suitable to be used as a decoration for wedding decorations, especially for outdoor locations. In addition, using lilies adds an exotic, beautiful and elegant feel, according to a sacred marriage. Not all lilies have a strong fragrance, choose the Star Gazer type lilies. This type of lily can spread its fragrance within a radius of 1.5 meters.

As the name implies, a wedding party is suitable for using forget me not flowers

Literally, this flower means not forgetting the giver. As a decoration for wedding parties, forget me not flowers add the impression not to forget the procession once in a lifetime. With a small size and a combination of blue and white, this flower will make your wedding decoration more beautiful.

Finally, there are gladiola flowers that give a different impression from many marriages in general

Gladiola flower arrangements can last for 14 days with proper care. For a different wedding decoration, the right choice falls on this flower. Especially if you want to provide a more colorful atmosphere because gladiola has a variety of colors that will make wedding decorations more festive.