Ways to Clean Your Gas Stove

Taking care of gas stoves regularly brings many benefits besides keeping the kitchen and food clean. A clean stove can also prevent unpleasant odors from leftovers and burnt dishes that are scattered. In addition, a clean, well-maintained stove is also able to spread heat more evenly on the bottom of the cookware so that it saves fuel and helps maintain the durability of the pan. Clean stoves are also good for safety in the kitchen because there are no spilled foods that are at risk of being caught by fire when the stove is on. Maintenance of gas stoves is not as difficult or as long as imagined provided you use the right cleaning products and clean your gas stove regularly. Broadly speaking, there are three parts of the gas stove that need to be cleaned, namely the ring section, the furnace section, and the stove surface. Meanwhile, you can get propane tanks near me on our website.

Make sure the stove is cool before you start cleaning it. Here’s how to clean the ring on the gas stove:

– Generally, the ring in the form of a pan placemat on a gas stove can be removed from the stove unit so you can just clean it separately. If the ring merges with the gas stove unit, read the stove’s manual to find out how to remove the ring without damaging it.

– Soak the ring in a solution of liquid dish soap and warm water until the dirt sticks off. Use a sponge or dishwashing brush to remove the dirt and grease attached.

– Lift the ring from the soaking water and rinse with plain water, then dry while waiting for the other parts on the stove to be cleaned.

How to clean the furnace section:

– Avoid using soap and water solutions in gas stove fires. If this part is excessively wet and too moist, the risky fire does not flicker perfectly.

– Use special cleaning products for the kitchen in the form of cream to clean the fire stove on the gas stove. Follow the rules of use on a cream product packaging. Apply the cream to the furnace, then rub with a sponge to wash the dish or wipe. Use an old toothbrush to reach difficult parts. Leave the cream for a few moments in the dirt that clings tightly before rubbing it.

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